Horn is the acoustic soul of vessel

IBUKI KOGYO CO.,LTD.established more than 80 years ago,has eaned universal respect. More than 40 different models of IBUKI whistle satisfy the international Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972, adopted by the I.M.O.(The International Maritime Organization).

IBUKI has actively sought and obtained type approval to satisfy national governmental requirements. Equipment has been supplied promptly to back up the regulatory demands of each national authority. IBUKI has a wealth of experience and many technical achievements to its credit. Modern techniques and facilities are adapted in well integrated factory.

The Company,as a leading manufacture of signal equipment,is determined to continue its positive approach in research and development for maritime safety. Further on marine field,our business field has been expanded to the production of a apparatus for drink server and a air condition fan for building over 20years.

IBUKI products are backed by an effective network of agents providing service and spares on time and efficiently across the world.

Executive Director (President) Fumihiro Shintaku