Equipment & Systems

Integrated product system with skilled persons, innovative idea and latest facilities.

Acoustic Technology

Since established, IBUKI sound technology is purpose to contribute the safety navigation. Our experience and knowledge are reflected on products all the time.
Innovative products areproduced on the basis of marine signal technology.
As inspection of the sound characters, anechoic chamber and operation durability chamberare furnished with the latest equipment to supply improved products.

Acoustic Technology image

Process Technology

IBUKI process technology procures the material on time. To adopt the latest NC machine �� brand-new laser machine, the material cutting is arranged from resin to stainless on our own design. In-house tools are also arranged.
To adopt a machine such as press, cutting, bending and welding, the efficient on-time supply method is supported to procure the wide range of products on exact demands.

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Electric & Electronic Technology

Starting from produce of automatic horn controller, IBUKI electrical section produces the controller for general alarm system, fire alarm, alarm indicator and optional accessories such as switch box, receptacle box. Furthermore, the electronic component is produced on our own design.
To adapt the analogue and latest digital technology, IBUKI original circuit board is procured. Microcomputer is also adapted for our technical innovation on software and hardware. IBUKI knowledge on electric and electronic serves for supply the advanced products for exacting demands.

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Product Design & Development

IBUKI design section is an intensive design section accumulated machine, electric and electronic knowledge. Our talented and well known expert engineer are willing to support to set up the efficient marine warning system. Machine design is for the equipment and components, Electric design is for the switchboard and sequence software.
Electronic design is for electronic circuit and microcomputer. Moreover, design for an in-house tester, apparatus for special use, IBUKI design has been reflected on various field.

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